Product Design Kit 1.0

The ultimate design kit for Figma. Create high fidelity wireframes, user interfaces and style guides for your desktop products. It’s fully customizable and free.

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Hi-Fi Wireframes

Create wireframes in minutes using existing components and styles.

UI Kit

Apply your brand or product styles and use existing components to create consistent user interfaces.

Style Guide

Use components and local styles to create style guides for your design and development teams.

Rapid Prototyping

Redesign components and local styles to create quick prototypes for user testing. Design sprint friendly!

Save money and time

Figma and PD Kit are free and there is no need to install anything. Figma works in latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.


PD Kit was build with atomic design approach. Build complex components using existing atoms and molecules to keep your system consistent.

Create Hi-Fi Wireframes

Use existing components and styles to quickly create high fidelity wireframes for your projects. Product Design Kit comes with Material Design icons and customizable components.


You can edit every style and component and changes will apply to the entire system. It’s a powerful tool for creating quick prototypes and consistent UIs.

Style Guide

Create style guides for your design and development teams. Use components and styles to keep everything organized on the Style Guide page. Product Design Kit comes with an introduction page where developers can learn how to inspect all styles and elements.

Save time. Focus on solutions.

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